gelateria "La Dolce Vita"

from 1994 to La Palma



Gelateria "La Dolce Vita"

Puerto de Tazacorte

La Palma

Canary Islands - Spain

In the aerial Photo you can see our situation


  Reaching the Port of Tazacorte and entering the "casco viejo" you can see correct in front of you the gelateria that is to the plain earth of the blue building in the image.   Entry to the Gelateria "La Dolce Vita"  



"La Dolce Vita"  has been restructured in February of the year 2000, after her first inauguration in November of 1994.




  to "La Dolce Vita" you can feel an infinity of tastes of ice cream in cream and sherbets of fruit, besides the our famous Tiramisú, Profiterole and the inevitable "Cassata" to the Italian.      

In total we have more than 90 tastes to propose to our clients, that become day by day more demanding, and experts of the true ice cream Italian artisan.


Pedestrian area in front of the nighttime gelateria

  Pedestrian area in front of the diurnal gelateria


in La Palma only to   "La Dolce Vita"

You can taste the famous Italian ice cream done according to tradition with products fresh and first-quality.

You can know more coming us to find of it.... in the meantime looked you at our




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